PhoneLock Stay out off my phone or Tablet!

Okay you are tired of curious people who want to look into your phone. If they try anyway, this program can take a discreet picture of the nosy persons.

PIN code is from start “123″ REMEMBER THIS!!

From the Settings screen you can:

Change PIN-code (remember to write it down!!)
Set PhoneLock to start from boot.
Set PhoneLock to take a discreet picture if PIN-code entered is wrong.
Take the picture from the FRONT or BACK camera.

Images are stored in /sdcard/DCIM/PhoneLock/

To make the “Close” button work go to:
Phone Settings/Location and security/Select device administrators/ and mark PhoneLock.

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We have done a lot of testing but if you find a bug, have a question/suggestion, please go to and contact us, please don’t leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you!

Keywords: PhoneLock, Screen lock, Take picture.

Screen shots:

Main Screen:


Settings Screen:


ChangePIN Screen: