PhoneAlive screen:


This is a must have App!!

Have you ever walked around an entire day thinking “It’s strange no one has called me today?” and then you later found out that your phone was “rebooted” and waiting for you to type your PIN code!

Well it’s over NOW!

Phone Alive starts up with your phone and if you haven’t entered your PIN within four minutes, PhoneAlive will start vibrate and send out alarm-tone at two-minute intervals and that’s it!

If you use “Mytone” PhoneAlive.WAV must be in the root of /sdcard/

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We have done a lot of testing but if you find a bug, have a question/suggestion, please go to and contact us, please don’t leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you!

Keywords: Keep alive, Alive, Missing PIN, Phone alive.

Programmed in Tasker