The Easy Phone.

Do you have a young son, daughter or perhaps an elderly father or mother who think that a smart-phone is a little too complicated and difficult to use, don’t worry we have made a new App called MyPhone which makes it very easy for everyone to make phone calls or write text messages, for up to six preset phone numbers.

The six buttons and corresponding phone numbers can be set by logging into the back-office of MyPhone by holding your finger on the dial on the main screen.

The program also has a built-in GPS feature that makes it easy to find the phone from our remote control App MyPhoneRemote.

If you need to pick up your son and he does not really know where he is, then YOU know!

Just use MyPhoneRemote and in minutes you can automatically see the GPS position on Google Maps/Google Earth or Navigation on your own phone.

MyPhone and MyPhoneRemote communicate using text messages.

Screenshots Call:

MyPhoneFront SMS:


Back office: