With this App you can remotely control your HomeSecure or HomeSecureFree Alarm System.

HomeSecureR and HomeSecure / HomeSecureFree communicates through SMS messages.

Functions that can be operated remotely:

1 Turn the alarm on or off.
2 The number the alarm call can be turned on / off or changed.
3 The three numbers receiving an SMS can be turned on / off.
4 Get alarm to call you up so you can listen with / without speaker.
5 Take a picture with Front / Back camera.
6 Send the image to your E-mail
7 Get GPS or WiFi location shown on Google Maps / Earth e.g. the alarm is mounted in the car, boat, camper, etc.

ATTENTION! Position 6 and 7 does not work with the HomeSecureFree

If you have more than one HomeSecure alarm, you can enter up to three numbers into the remote control.


We have done a lot of testing but if you find a bug, have a question/suggestion, please go to and contact us, please don’t leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you there!

- android.permission.NUMEROUS because the program can do a lot of things.

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