This App can make your Android smart phone into an Alarm System you can install in your House, Car, Boat, Caravan or Motorcycle etc..

Attention! HomeSecureFree is the free version of HomeSecure and the functions Send Email GPS / Wifi position is turned off.

The alarm is protected by a PIN code, the code is set to “1234″ from the start.

The alarm can be operated remotely with our App HomeSecureR (On, Off, Call listen, send picture on Email, GPS position Configures alarm, etc..) from the android phone you use on a daily basis.

HomeSecureFree and HomeSecureR communicates through SMS messages.

The only thing you need is:

1 An old or cheap Android phone. (you probably have one in the drawer)
2 A SIM card.
3 This App HomeSecure.

If the alarm is triggered, it can:

1 Play an alarm tone, either the telephone ringing tone or a tone you choose.
2 Dial a specific phone number with / without listening with / without speaker.
3 Send SMS to three different phone numbers, with the reason for the alarm is triggered.
4 Take a picture with Front or Back camera with / without Flash.
5 Send the image to your E-mail account (not in the Free version)

The alarm must be set to power and can respond to:

1 The power is disconnected from the phone. (possibly switch mounted on the front door or other)
2 The phone is shaken. (Car, Caravan, Motorcycle, etc.).

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We have done a lot of testing but if you find a bug, have a question/suggestion, please go to and contact us, please don’t leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you!

- android.permission.NUMEROUS because the program can do a lot of things.

Keywords: Alarm, Alarm Device, Remote Control, Home Alarm, Alarm System.